Enabling Heroes.

Saving Lives.

MYCURE builds advanced tech tools for our everyday heroes - doctors, medical practitioners, and all other people who care the extra mile.

Clinic Management System
Hospital Information System
LATEST UPGRADE Dental Clinic System

Syncs Online, Works Offline.

Enjoy the best of both worlds — reliability of an in-house server and affordability of the cloud.

MYCURE finally uncovers the holy grail of combining online and offline technology.
Using our proprietary tech called MYCURE Syncbase, you can digitally process your medical records in your local network using multiple devices, even if the internet goes down!
Then once back online, it automatically synchronizes data back in the cloud.

Like magic, but scientifically-blended. 😉

Protect your patient’s medical records
the smarter way.

Keeping them secure is our #1 priority.

With MYCURE , you’ll get:

Grade A+
User Designated
Secure Cloud



Your patients are our top priority.

Better patient care

Retrieve your patients’ medical records anytime you need to.

Secure medical data

We perform industry standard encryption to protect your patient records.

Up-to-date information

Create updated and accurate medical records for your patients’ safety.


Get the best on your investments.

Cost-effective system

Get highly reduced operating expenses with automated record-keeping.

 Increased productivity

Double your clinic efficiency, staff productivity and involvement.

Added Prestige

Be a premium healthcare provider with an advanced Clinic Management System.

Flexible technology

MYCURE is engineered for your convenience.

Painless upgrades

Easily explore new features from regular product upgrades without the technical hassle.

Optimized file storage

Store and retrieve records anytime without stacking everything in your physical cabinets.

Hands-on support

We hire humans (not bots) to provide you with technical assistance and awesome care!

Heart-crafted Customer Care

We’re here with you throughout the transition process because more often than not, it’s hard to learn new technology!

We guarantee that we will meet your needs; if we cannot, then we will meet you.

User-friendly Interface

Being tech-savvy is not a requirement. Just tap, type, and go!

Customizable Content

You might ask if we can add this or change that. The answer is usually yes.

Hands-on Training

We will be there with you as you learn a new skill and transform your practice.

Responsive Support Team

With a bit of technology and time management, we found a way to serve you faster.

Experience MYCURE

Explore what you can do more with our smart tools by your side.