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Individual PracticeSolo or group clinic practitioners
EMR Pricing

A powerful combination of EMR, queuing, and billing features designed for physicians who are practicing solo or in groups.

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Unlimited clinics
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Unlimited devices
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50 patients per month
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Secretary account
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Queuing System
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Medical Billing
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SOAP Charting
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Lab & Imaging orders
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Custom medical forms
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Print functions
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Bulk patient upload
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SMS Feature
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Patient tagging
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Reports & Analytics
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PNF Drug Catalog
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ICD-10 List
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DPA Registration Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MYCURE Free version for doctors really always free?

Yes! Especially for fresh starters, we wanna make sure that you love our product first before you pay for it and use it full-time.

How secure is MYCURE?

MYCURE is DPA-compliant and follows international standards in data security. We use advanced encryption protocols to keep your patient records unreadable to anyone, except you. While we aren’t promising a 100% hack-proof system (since no such system exists yet!), we follow international standards that highly value confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Who else can see my patient records?

Only you. You are in control of your own account and the medical records you create. If you add a secretary into your account, you are entitling him/her to view your patient records, too.

Do you have an account for secretaries and nurses?

Yes. You can learn more about the different features on our products page.

Does my MYCURE account also come with a free device?

No. MYCURE only provides the web-based application.
That’s actually more practical (and less spending) for you! Most software that come with devices require you to be locked up to their expensive subscription plans for a certain period of time. Don’t worry, we’re confident that MYCURE is compatible with at least one of your current devices so long as it has Google Chrome installed.

Is MYCURE cloud-based?

Yes. All your medical records are backed up in the cloud.
How fast should my internet connection be when I’m using MYCURE?

This varies on the number of users of the app. We encrypt and upload your records to our secure servers every time you process them. The download/upload speed should be at least:

5 Mbps → 1 to 3 simultaneous users
10 Mbps → 4 to 10 simultaneous users
15 Mbps and up → More than 10 users

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