MYCURE cares for people who care for people.

Our Story

MYCURE starts and ends with
real people and real stories.

Our Story Paulette

Meet Paulette, a young widow at 30 years old with two kids (4 yo and 6 yo) in her care. Despite limited resources, she managed to give her kids a good foundation. Paulette is a cancer warrior and survivor. For about a decade and a half now, her life was all about doctor's visits, regular checkups, and staying healthy. Years of medical files were definitely taking up a lot of space in their home and her daily life. As she was shuttling between Guam (where she is based) and the Philippines, carrying medical files to different doctors and pharmacies was becoming cumbersome and costly. Replenishing medications became a guessing game. Monitoring her own health sometimes affected her health too.

Our founder, Dale, was witness to all of this. Paulette is Dale’s mother.

About the Founders

Our Story - Dale

Dale runs a tech company that started in 2004. Among numerous IT projects, their team also made the first Filipino-themed game on iTunes and Googleplay called Sipa  and a mobile photo diary meant to tell your story through photos called Pickld. He regularly shares experiences being a Mentor and Director at Founder Institute (Manila). He also started Mighty Minds,   a nonprofit organization that helps kids finish school.

Our Story - Joel

Joel is a marketing executive and has been involved in the field for the last 20 years. His work involves a lot of travel and he loves to explore and talk to local folks during these times. Through these encounters, he was able to get a closer look at the plight of the Filipinos with regard to medical and health access. He believes that there are still a lot that can be done and that a good tech infrastructure can be a big boost in improving this sector.

Our Purpose

Our Story - Team

We believe that even the small things can make a big difference. And that extra mile of care we give for humanity goes a long way and creates a lasting impact.

Thus, we honor and support people who care the extra mile. They are the unsung heroes, the doctors, the mothers and the like who work day and night to make things work. These are the people who are fully committed, meticulously organized, and incredibly dedicated to what they do and what they believe in.

While they see themselves just doing their everyday jobs, we see people that create a dent in humanity. They are truly the heroes that make this world a better place.

MYCURE commits to design and build amazing tech tools and products specifically for them. These would help and enable these heroes to make their jobs easier and more efficient. They are our inspiration, the reason of our being, our existence.

Building these awesome apps is our mission, building them with love and passion is our extra mile.

Caring the Extra Mile

To further go the extra mile, we practice the following codes:

8 Codes of Being

We are passionate, fun-loving, innovative people.

We grow through continuous learning.

We dare to challenge status quo and make things happen.

We value diversity and respect everyone’s opinions.

We practice honesty, transparency and highly value integrity.

We truly care and deliver awesomeness to our customers.

We commit to be grateful of life and remain humble in our successes.

We promise to help each other and make this world a better place.

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