MYCURE for Group Clinics

The perfect clinic system setup designed for doctors who are practicing in groups.

Why should doctors practicing in groups use
MYCURE in their clinics?
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We can share the same list of patients.
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Our secretary gets piled up with paperwork.
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We have patient queueing issues.
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Paper charts are very difficult to search & filter.
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We have no idea how much HMOs owe us.
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Our previous system is old and not user-friendly.

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Designed for clinics of all shapes and sizes.

Multispecialty Clinic

Daily Census
Daily Census

Manage your group's daily performance and income with ease.

Print Records Anytime
Print Records Anytime

Printable medical orders for you and your patients.

Secretary Account
Secretary Account

Queueing and billing can be managed by your secretary.

Why should doctors practicing in groups use
MYCURE in their clinics?


✓ Shared patients in one clinic

✓ Unlimited patient charts

✓ Unlimited secretary accounts

✓ Multiple device access

✓ Offline Mode

✓ Up to 10GB storage


✓ SOAP Charting

✓ Prescription Encoding

✓ Lab & Imaging Orders

✓ Customizable Forms

✓ Printing

✓ Bulk Patient Upload

✓ ICD-10 Catalog

✓ PNF Drug Catalog


✓ Smart Patient Queueing

✓ Queue Monitor

✓ Patient Kiosk

✓ Appointments Calendar


✓ Multi-factor Authentication

✓ Activity Logs

✓ DPA Registration Guide


✓ Medical Billing

✓ Invoicing and Payments

✓ Reports & Analytics

✓ HMO Claims Management

✓ SMS Reminders for Patients

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It's always better when we work together.

Experience what you can do more with MYCURE technology by your side.

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