MYCURE Features

User-friendly and time efficient features for a more patient-centric care.


Everybody's got a special role to play.

Collaborate with your clinic staff more efficiently using a clinic system that's so user-friendly, you wouldn't even feel that you're working.

Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager

Designed for doctors, by doctors.

Record full medical history, vitals, and physical exam records according to SOAP charting. Eliminate the haste of scribbling with Rx printing, ICD-10 database, multiple image uploads, and more.

Medical records

Value everyone's time more effectively.

With MYCURE, queueing is easier done than spelled. Patients easily register via kiosks.

Display multiple queues through auxiliary monitors or smart TVs for waiting patients. Incoming doctors even get notified in their devices for every new patient in line.

Clinic Registration and Queueing

Simplified billing, beautiful reports.

Produce neatly-organized reports in a minute or less.

  • Check iconPayment Management & History
    Check iconInvoice & Receipt Printing
    Check iconHMO Statements, Collections, & Reports
    Check iconInterface with Materials Management

Clinic Billing and Payments

Record and retrieve diagnostic results right where you need them.

MYCURE can communicate with modern diagnostic machines through HL7 interfacing and PACS configurations.

Doctors can view DICOM images remotely or within clinic premises, while patients can view their lab & imaging results through an online portal.

Clinic Laboratory and Imaging

Your medical supplies at a glance

Deliver the right supplies to the right people at the right time.

  • Check iconProduct Identification
    Check iconInventory levels, orders, and deliveries tracking
    Check iconInventory and Sales Reports
    Check iconWarehouse Inventory Management
    Check iconInterface with Medical Billing

Clinic Materials Management

Never miss out on important business decisions.

Measure your day-to-day clinic performance analyzing comprehensive graphs based on your KPIs. Census, billing, diagnostics, sales, and physical exam reports can be generated instantly.

Clinic Reports and Analytics

Go offline safely and securely.

The holy grail of online-offline technology is here. Work within your local network using multiple devices even if the internet goes down and just sync data when back online.

Syncbase Technology
Core Modules
Professional systems that are essential for your clinic.

Medical Records
Medical Records
Premium EMR designed for and by doctors

An easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System for printing Prescriptions, creating Charts, Lab Orders, and other medical forms.

Streamlined registration process from start to finish

A Registration & Queuing System designed to reduce patient journey turnaround time and medical record filing errors.

Simplified billing with beautiful reports

A Billing Management System that can integrate all clinic private and HMO transactions into a single database.

Better operations with data-driven business decisions.

A business tool to measure your day-to-day clinic performance with sales reports, daily census, and sophisticated user access control.

Premium Modules
Add these on top of the core modules to boost your digital clinic experience.

Record and retrieve results when you need them.

A Laboratory Information System that communicates with modern diagnostic machines through HL7 interfacing.

Interpret imaging results in an instant.

An Imaging Information System that allows doctors to view DICOM images remotely, and patients to view imaging results online.

Materials Management
Materials Management
Your medical supplies at a glance.

A Materials Management System built for healthcare facilities to monitor in-house supplies and over-the-counter products.

Physical Medical Exam
Physical Medical Exam
Monitor groups of PME patients effectively.

Manage corporate and private Annual Physical Exams, Pre-employment Medical Exams, Executive Checkups, and Full Medical Exams.

Sell medicines in a very efficient way.

A Pharmacy Management System with Point-of-Sales functions, Rx access, inventory management, and reports in one place.

Syncbase Technology
Syncbase Technology
Use MYCURE even if your internet connection is down.

Work within your local network using multiple devices even if the internet goes down and just sync data when back online.

Embrace service

Embrace a new habit.

Let your patients experience top-of-the-line service through your streamlined clinic operations with the help of MYCURE.

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