MYCURE | Corporate Social Responsibility

MYCURE cares for people who care for people.


Enabling heroes, Saving lives.

The team behind MYCURE has from the onset agreed to start something that will have an impact to humanity. They pledge to share the technology they build to the world with little to no cost.

Thus, they created Solo - the first-ever FREE Patient Records Organizer that works offline and syncs online using cloud storage.

Social Responsibility

Solo is designed to work in areas with zero or low internet.  Ideal to be used in health community centers as well as doctors in the field, the ones doing voluntary work on mission.

While there are other electronic medical record (EMR) systems around, Solo uses advanced tech, applies user-friendly flows and continuously improves. More importantly, it's FREE.

For more information on Solo, please email us at

Making Technology Available to 7 Million Doctors Worldwide

MYCURE's vision is to build and provide powerful technology to help organize, manage and secure the world's health data.

These tools aim to help our health professionals become more efficient in what they do, to save more lives and continue to be our everyday unsung heroes.

Sharing Our Expertise for Better Communities

We are open for partnerships to doctors, NGOs, and health community centers who want to get involved with outreach work and medical missions with us.

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